Why I decided to be a part of a documentary!

Finally.  The documentary I am a part of is out. It’s call Living Undocumented. After seeing it many things are running to my head. Watching all those scenes brought me sad memories-the stress I felt, the pain, the uncertainty of not knowing what was going to be of me, my daughters and my husband.

Seeing my oldest daughter, Pamela crying and my precios son name Spot that I have not seeing since I got deported. My husband says that he sleeps with the  dirty socks I left in the laundry room.

Watching the series made me realized that even though God could but choose not to prevent my deportation, he has been with me. He has been with me wherever I have gone. I understand it now. I see it.

I feel so ungrateful because I doubted him and I still do sometimes. I couldn’t  sleep the last nights prior my deportation thinking how and where I was going to live? as I mentioned on the series, I don’t have a home here in Mexico. I had so many sleepless nights thinking where and how I am going to live in Mexico if I have to leave? I forgot that God has always got me. I have a decent room over my head and although is not the beautiful home I left in Florida. Still a home and I am very appreciative for that.

Barely anyone knew of my participation in the documentary, and now that is out. I have friends asking me why did I decided to be a part of this documentary? why did I choose to expose my life and my family in such a big platform as Netflix ?

The answer is:

Because I feel that when good, godly Americans watch it. It will open their eyes and hopefully change their minds how they perceive Immigrants. The majority of the immigrants are good, hard working people that just want a better life, like any other human being . Not like the current government wants Americans to believe.

So if you watched it, or are planning to watch it. My hope is that you watch it with a receptive, compassion heart. And that if my story has impacting you and you want to see me go home.

and If you are an American and have the privilege to vote. Please vote for legislators, like my Congressman Darren Soto and a for a different President that treat immigrants with dignity and compassion. Please help me go back home!

As always thank you for reading my blog!



Author: Alejandra Juarez

Wife of combat veteran deported to Mexico on August 3, 2018, with no criminal record after 22 years in the U.S., marriage, and children. Starting over. This is my story of hope after deportation. I hope by hearing my story as I'm healing and starting over, if you are going through something similar, you can know that just because you're being deported, your life is not over.

2 thoughts on “Why I decided to be a part of a documentary!”

  1. Hola Alejandra! I am watching the documentary, Living Undocumented, and just saw your story. It was very emotional to watch and you are a very strong person after all that you have endured since you were young. Voy a rezar por ti y por las muchas personas que están en tu situación. I am also going to pray for God to identify ways of things that I can do to support your struggle. Thank you for sharing your story to give voice to people that hide in the shadows because of fear. Please keep posting yo keep your story alive.

    Your new friend, Patricia Manzo


    1. Hi Patricia. Thank you for your kind words. I will really appreciate your prayers, very need it by the way. Gracias!


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